What is March On Film?

March On Film is a Film Making Competition/Festival that encourages aspiring film makers to get out there, and during the month of March, make a film from start to finish, all the way from script to final edit.

Who Can Enter?

From students to OAPs, the March On Film festival is open to everyone! It aims to straddle the world between novice and professional filmmakers, encouraging those interested in film making to give it a try within a structured time frame.

So if you're into films and always thought you'd like to give film making a shot, then March On Film is the perfect competition/festival for you. From weekend Guerrilla film makers to complete novices with only an iPhone and a laptop anyone can enter.

What Equipment Do I Need?

You don't need any specialist equipment to make a film. So don't worry if you're not up to speed on the latest movie cameras, or even if you don't know much about cameras at all! Being able to tell a story is more important than the gear you use. These days, film making is so accessible, that you can even use your smartphone as a camera and editing suite in one!

How Does the Competition Work?

You'll be given three elements that have to be included in the film at the stroke first thing on 1 March. You have until midnight on 31 March to submit your finished product. Don't be late!!

All films entered are judged by industry professional and everyone who enters has the opportunity to see their film screened in a cinema.

What Can I Win?

The top prize is a film mentorship package which allows you to be mentored on your next film project by a panel of Ireland's top Film Industry Professionals. And on top of the possibility of winning great prizes, by the end of the month each team will come out with a finished film that they have made themselves! If you would like to take part go to the registration page and send us your details!