March On Film - 2019 Alternate Charity Competition

March On Film is a Family Run Film Competition/ Festival and as we have a new member ( Who's very little, quite loud and eats a lot! ) we have decided to take a break for 2019 ( Returning in full form in 2020 ).  However, for those of you still wanting to get filming in March, we will be running a smaller competition in aid of this years Chosen Charity Alone.  ( ALONE is a national charity that supports older people to age at home.)

This competition is free to enter with a winners prize of a 500 euro voucher for Film Equipment Hire Ireland.

The idea is that the films made for it will be used to help promote Alone's very worthwhile cause.  Similar criteria to March On Film will apply ( compulsory elements, timeframes etc ) however film makers will be asked to include themes that deal with some of the social issues that Alone are trying to tackle. In this way we feel that the filmmakers can use their visual storytelling abilities to help raise awareness of these important issues. ( To enter, go to our registration page or hit the registration button above! )

About ALONE:

ALONE is a national charity that supports older people to age at home. We use individualised care plans to support older people to overcome problems large and small, including loneliness, lack of access to medical services, poverty, homelessness and housing difficulties. ALONE staff provide one point of contact to coordinate services and housing, and assist with reduced hospital admissions and quicker discharges. Our assistive technology provides security and support to age at home. Our volunteers provide friendship and practical help by visiting or telephoning an older person some daily some weekly. Over the past 10 years, ALONE has grown from supporting 200 older people per year to 3,500, and from 45 volunteers to 1,500.


And so it begins  ..................


And as this competition is aimed at supporting Alone Ireland's mission of raising awareness about issues surrounding elderly people in Ireland, this years Film Topic is....
Film Topic : Elderly Loneliness
As with the usual March On Film Competition all Films must also include the 3 compulsory elements in order to show that they were made in the given timeframe.
This years 3 Compulsory Elements are 
1: Character name - Francis O'Connor ( this can be a man or woman and does not have to be the main characters name but must be mentioned, at least in part, in the course of the film )
2: Line of Dialogue - Can you help me with this?
3: Prop - A Hat
All genres are allowed, ( Drama, Comedy, Romance etc ! )   
Best of luck to everyone and thank you all for supporting a very good cause and using your creativity to help raise awareness about Elderly Loneliness in Ireland.
Happy Creating! 



What is March On Film?

March On Film is a Film Making Competition/Festival that encourages aspiring film makers to get out there, and during the month of March, make a film from start to finish, all the way from script to final edit.

Who Can Enter?

From students to OAPs, the March On Film festival is open to everyone! It aims to straddle the world between novice and professional filmmakers, encouraging those interested in film making to give it a try within a structured time frame.

So if you're into films and always thought you'd like to give film making a shot, then March On Film is the perfect competition/festival for you. From weekend Guerrilla film makers to complete novices with only an iPhone and a laptop anyone can enter.

What Equipment Do I Need?

You don't need any specialist equipment to make a film. So don't worry if you're not up to speed on the latest movie cameras, or even if you don't know much about cameras at all! Being able to tell a story is more important than the gear you use. These days, film making is so accessible, that you can even use your smartphone as a camera and editing suite in one!

How Does the Competition Work?

You'll be given three elements that have to be included in the film at the stroke first thing on 1 March. You have until midnight on 31 March to submit your finished product. Don't be late!!

All films entered are judged by industry professional and everyone who enters has the opportunity to see their film screened in a cinema.

What Can I Win?

The top prize is a film mentorship package which allows you to be mentored on your next film project by a panel of Ireland's top Film Industry Professionals. And on top of the possibility of winning great prizes, by the end of the month each team will come out with a finished film that they have made themselves! If you would like to take part go to the registration page and send us your details!



BEST FILM AWARD : Homecoming By Team 7

BEST FILM AWARD : Polly by King of the Harpies
1st Runner up

BEST FILM AWARD : One Step at a Time by Team Final Cut
2nd Runner up

BEST PRODUCER AWARD : David Butler for The lobster Pot

BEST DIRECTOR AWARD : Jamie Sykes for Polly


BEST EDITING AWARD : Barry Sheehan for Continuum

BEST SCREENPLAY AWARD : Jamie Sykes for Polly

BEST SOUNDTRACK AWARD : Roy Mahon for Depth of Field


BEST ACTOR AWARD : Michael Keegan for Shepherds


Well done to all involved!

( All the Finalist films will be available to see on our site shortly )