Elijah Egan MOF 2015 Prize Pack Winner – Film Spec Advert Blog

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Now that the excitement is over reality has set in and we need to get to work ASAP and decide the best way to use the grand prize from MOF. We have two short film scripts ready for production but we have talked about the possibility of shooting a spec advert and music video which may be more beneficial in the long run of elevating the company name. We will decide in the next week which direction to go.

The First Step.Elijah Blog 2

We decided the best course of action is to go ahead and make a spec advert and music video. I already have the rough draft of the spec advert so this week will be spent finalising the final draft. I have written the project with Des Keogh in mind but I’m not sure yet if he would be willing to work with us due to his busy schedule.

Final Draft.

The draft is now completed. The piece is called ‘The Last Goodbye’ and examines how there is a final goodbye with every person we ever meet in our lives. I spoke with Des’s agent today and they asked for the script and will consider.


We received excellent news for the team today. Des Keogh has agreed terms and will appear in our piece. He only has one available day so there is no room for error on our part. We need to start pre-production and make sure everything is planned meticulously. Des is extremely busy so we will only have one chance to get his scene right.Elijah Blog 1




We have spent two weeks on pre-production making sure everything is planned to the best of our ability. The locations will be in:

  • Dublin
  • Waterford
  • Wicklow

The crew in Film Equipment hire have been so helpful and I can’t recommend them enough. We had a really good look through their equipment and have decided on:

  • Canon C-300
  • Crane and Jib
  • Dolly and tracks

This is an ambitious undertaking but we are confident that we can pull it off.

In the next blog I’ll be discussing how we got on with the shoot…..