Hi Again, So we are going to chat about Call Sheets!

Here’s a couple of examples of different ones. Basically the Call Sheet is one piece of paper that should give the crew and cast all of the information that they need for any single day of shooting. Just below we have an example of one

Call Sheet 2

A Call Sheet is sent to all the crew and cast that need to be on set the day before a shoot day .

So as we can see from this one we have in the top center of the page the name of the production and the date and time of when the shoot begins. We also have at the top of the page the names and contact information for Director and Line Producer, weather for the day and the time of Breakfast/Lunch or Dinner.  Another item included is the closest hospital (for emergencies).

The next section is the details of the location, normally an image of google map of the location is sent as an attachment as well.  Following that we have the scene numbers and a description of them, including number of pages in each of the scenes (this helps one to see at a glance how long the filming per scene should take).

Next we have a list of Cast that are needed for that day of the shoot, this includes the time that they need to arrive on set, when they will be going into wardrobe and make up, and lastly what time they will be on set.

After that, we have special requirements for the scene being done on that day, and any notes that may be needed.

And lastly we have contact information for Assistant Directors. ( just incase there are any problems and they need to be contacted)

So as you can see, when the Call Sheet page is printed out, it has all of the information that is needed for the days shoot at a glance. Otherwise, It really can take on any design and it bis very easy to set up a template of one in word processing software, for any production. Here are an example of a few other Call Sheets.

Call sheet 1Call Sheet 3Call Sheet 4