When : 3 Weekly courses- Weeks Starting June 20th / 27th - July 4th 

Monday to Friday 10.30pm to 4pm

Where : Greystones Studios - Theatre Lane - Greystones  

Cost : The 1 Week course will cost €200 per student film maker.

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Course Description

This course is run in conjunction with the March On Film – Film Making Competition. At March On Film we believe that film is a positive creative tool that young people can use to tell their own unique stories while also gaining confidence, learning new skills and having fun in the process.  

Over the course of the Months of July and August we will run 3 x 1 week workshops.  These workshops are geared towards students on their summer holidays.  They will take place in Greystones studios in Theatre Lane from 10.30am until 4pm with a lunch hour in between.  Students must bring their own packed lunch. During the course students will learn how to make a film from start to finish (Pre to Post Production) and will leave the course with a DVD of their finished short Film.   To ensure that all students get lots of hands on experience, courses will be limited to 12 participants. So be sure to book soon!

Age Groups

Courses will be divided into three different age groups

Week 1 Course : 15-17 year olds

Week 2 Course : 13-15 year olds

Week 3 Course : 11-13 year old

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Whats involved

indexOver the course of the week participants will learn how to make a short film from start to finish.  They will be divided into 2 groups of 6, each group consisting of a Director, Assistant Director, cameraman operator, sound recordist and boom operator.  Each group will write/shoot and edit their own film.  Each group will use the 6 members of the other group as their actors.   Professional equipment will be used in the course of the film making.  We also encourage students to bring their own film making equipment along, such as mobile phones, DSLR cameras etc for filming, tablets and laptops for editing,  so that they can be shown how to use them to make films by themselves when they are finished the course.

By the end of the course participants will understand how films are put together from a practical and theoretical perspective.  They will learn about the different artistic and technical techniques that are used to create a professional looking film such as shot composition, 3 point lighting, set design, use of colour, editing techniques, directing actors and acting for camera and editing techniques.

They will be taught through a balance of classroom instruction, film making workshops involving hands on use of equipment and practical experience through shooting a film themselves. From day one students will be behind the camera. Classes will be taught by an industry professional and an assistant.

Areas Covered Will Include

Pre Production

Concept Development

Short Film Scriptwriting

Film Crew setup

Shot lists


Shooting Schedules



kids filming



Directing shots

Directing Actors

Camera techniques

Filming with a smartphone

Sound Recording

filming with phone

Post Production

Theory of editing

Exploring editing software

Practical Editing Techniques

Creating an audio mix

Adding a soundtrack

Colour grading

Exporting your film

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Course Objectives

Our overall aim is to teach Students, in a fun environment, the practical and intellectual film making techniques they will need to create their own films in the future. 

By the end of the course each group of students will have gained a great sense of achievement from the fact that they have been involved in the creation of their own small epic.

Whether this leads to an ongoing passion for film making or is a fun summer activity, it will definitely add another feather to their bow of creative achievements and will be something they can look back on in the years to come with pride and satisfaction (Literally, as they will have a DVD of their finished Film!)

Also, The Finished Films will be screened at the Greystones Film Club Film Nights in the Happy Pear Cafe so Family and Friends can come along and cheer on the Masterpieces that the students have made!

Course Registration Payment

Please do not pay for this course until your child's registration has been confirmed.

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