Length : 1-2 Day  Film Making Workshops

             : We can also design bespoke workshops to fit your requirements

Location : We will come to your school or community group and conduct the course there. 

Cost : 1 Day Workshop 300 euro, 2 Day workshop 570 euro. 

We also supply some free workshops for less advantaged community groups.  Please contact us to inquire about this.

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March On Film Introduction to Film Making 1 and 2 Day Workshops

At March On Film we believe that film is a positive creative tool that students can use to tell their own unique stories while also gaining confidence, learning new skills and having fun in the process.  For this reason, in conjunction with the Competition which is held in the month of March, we have also developed film making workshops that will teach your students the fundamentals of film making.

1 Day Introduction to Film Making Workshop

The 1 Day course is aimed at teaching a class of up to 25 students the core concepts of Film Making.  A representative from March On Film will come to your school and over the course of a day run through the three major stages of Film Making comprising Pre Production, Production and Post Production.  

Below are the areas that will be covered

Areas Covered Will Include

Pre Production

Concept Development

Short Film Scriptwriting

Film Crew setup

Shot lists


Shooting Schedules



kids filming 2



Directing shots

Directing Actors

Camera techniques

Filming with a smartphone

Sound Recording

filming with phone

Post Production

Theory of editing

Exploring editing software

Practical Editing Techniques

Creating an audio mix

Adding a soundtrack

Colour grading

Exporting your film

kids filming 3

By the end of the day your students will have been shown the fundamentals of film making and will understand how a film is put together. With this knowledge they can start working on making other short films throughout the year in preparation for the March On Film Competition itself. After entering the competition they will have a chance to win awards and film related prizes, as well as seeing their own films on the big screen.


Cost for 1 Day Film Making Workshop: €300 per class (Class consists of up to 25 students)



2 Day Introduction to Film Making Workshop

To complement the one day workshop we also have a second day that classes can do either directly after the first day or at a later date. This workshopkids filming is geared around the practical aspects of film making.  On the day students will be divided into film making teams.


Each team will comprise 6 to 7 students who will take roles as


  • Director
  • Camera Operator
  • Sound Recordist
  • Continuity/Editor
  • 2-3 Actors


During the 1 Day Workshop Students will have already devised a short scene that they will now storyboard, shoot and edit.

mobile phone

For Day 2 of the March On Film Film Making Workshop students will need access to


  • Something to Film on - i.e. a Smartphone, DSLR or Video Camcorder.
  • Something to Edit on - i.e. a Smartphone, tablet or laptop


St Mary's trophy presentationBy the end of the 2 day course your students will have the theoretical and practical knowledge that is needed to make a film.  From here teachers can incorporate film making into their classes, working on areas such as script development, storyboarding and shooting techniques. Thus preparing their students to make a film for the March On Film Competition.


Cost for 2 Day Film Making Workshop: €570 per class (Class consists of up to 25 students)



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