March On Film will obviously be held over the month of March. Teams who have registered on the Website beforehand will receive an email detailing the elements that they must include in their Film. All the films must be made specifically for this competition. To ensure this each team will be given 3 different elements that they must include in their film.


The three elements are -
1: A Prop - e.g. A Boot, lamp, banana etc.
2: A Line of Dialogue - e.g. "Why would you do that?"
3: A Character - e.g. Merv Hooperdinkle.


As well as including these elements Films must be between 3 and 6 minutes in length. There is no restriction in genre. To qualify for prizes the finished films must be uploaded to the competition FTP site by the 31st of March using a specific file format.

The Top 30 Films will have a cinema screening with ten finalists being chosen by a panel of industry professionals.
Multiple prizes are up for grabs for the winner and runners up! There will be specific prizes for Best Teen Film, best script, best cinematography etc. The top prize will be a film Mentor-ship Package.
This will be aimed at helping the winning team make another film with the help of Top industry professionals including a screenwriter, a producer, a director and an editor with the ultimate goal of giving the winning team a helping hand to becoming professional Film makers.